Experience the Power of Words with Storyteller. With over 150 voice actors in over 45 languages, easily create speech from text with just a click of a button. Download speech for use in your videos, video game development, or just sharing with your friends. The possibilities are endless!

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Transform Your Text

Bring Your Words to Life

With Storyteller, you can turn your text into captivating narratives that sound like real-life people. Our advanced AI technology ensures that your stories are told with style and authenticity. Say goodbye to boring, generic voice-overs, and choose from our diverse selection of 150+ voice actors in 45+ languages to create stories just the way you want.

Customizable Voice Actors

Create Unique Narratives

Personalize your stories by choosing from a variety of voice actors and customizing their style, pitch, speed, and more. Whether you're a teacher, storyteller, parent, or content creator, you can use Storyteller to create engaging stories using multiple voice actors. Say goodbye to monotony and let your creativity run wild with Storyteller.

Anytime, Anywhere Speech Creation

Create Speech On-the-Go

Storyteller makes it easy to create speech anytime, anywhere. Simply copy and paste your text, select a voice actor, and listen as Storyteller delivers high-quality audio that sounds like real-life people. Use Storyteller for game development, films, YouTube videos, and more, and create amazing conversations between voice actors that you can save and listen to anytime.




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